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Addition of April 29, 2010 and staying above daily postings for our military to find. Scroll down for daily postings.

I have been contacted and it has come to my attention that American Military Veterans are battling a condition brought on by an environment contaminated/occupied by asbestos that results in Mesothilioma. The website link here is devoted to helping all veterans with this affliction. Click the links in the message below and examine them. There is a list of states to choose from and a lot more. Thanks to an anonymous source for this information. Here is a message from that anonymous source:

Widely used by every military branch, asbestos was highly regarded for its heat resistance and fireproofing capabilities. In fact, asbestos was so valued that the military even mandated widespread usage before eventually phasing out the material in the 1970s. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of these living veterans were exposed to toxic asbestos-containing materials during military service which could develop into mesothelioma (a rapacious cancer that attacks the internal lining of the lungs, abdomen, and heart). offers complete information on mesothelioma statistics, lists of occupations, ships, and shipyards that could have put our Veterans at risk for developing asbestos-related diseases. Additionally their Veterans Assistance Department offers extensive experience in filing VA claims and can help any veteran coping with mesothelioma receive benefits from the VA system.


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December 28, 2012...addition.
No doubt that this site can bting on the feeling of hosillity toward immigrants from foreign countries. I see that as unavoidable due to the subject matter of illegal immigration and legal immigration as well. But if I could I would translate this into as many foeriegn languages as could be. It is not my intent to protect this nation, our nation, from any specific ethnic races or foreign peoples. In a country whose addiction is to aqyure statistics and numbers with meaning I cannot figure out how they(we) ignore tracking and controlling those who come into our(my) country? Numbers are reported but I can't put faith in them when I know they are from a woefully misattended to activity. But I do want visitors to know that the intent of this site is simp,ly to address illegal immigration of anyone choosing to set tyhemselves up in this(yours and my) country.

December 27, 2012...addition.
Haven't been posting all that much. Seems there is just so much happening all over. Right now it's a Fiscal Cliff. But all I can figure is that 'We the People', and specifically the middle class, are going over that cliff and not the government mismanagers. Must be nice to be able to go bankrupt on the books but have someone else take the real hit. And then Immigration(illegal) has been touted to be the next hot issue for the election candidates. I've chosen to make Illegal Immigration one of those key issues for this site. Primarily because I sense the media's desire to embrace the world and have essentially no borders. If you look at the media they report news world wide with the feeling that that alone justifies and defines a world wide global embracing. Not everything in the grass is a kitten. There are snakes to and they tend to be stealthy. In my opinion we had and have a duty to provide border security to effect a more perfect union and domestic tranquillity. Meanwhile bribery is seen as just lobbying and from that we face hurdles to find justice for all American Citizens. One question, are US Government Representatives our representatives? Or are do they think they are the world's representatives? You might think they represent taxpayers and voters so then that would be American Citizens and not an international group. And we have also had tragedy strike in several terrible acts of violence. The most xspotlighted one being the Newtown/Sandy Hook incident. And this ignited a heated exchange on the subject of bearing arms. Most specifically assault arms. The NRA, who will never side with a disarming attitude, promotes more arms as the answer. Others who agree and understand the right to bear arms question the need for assault weapons and 20 and 30 round clips. These are more likely needed by the military in combat.

December 05, 2012...addition...'Elected Officials' Oath to the United States and US

November 05, 2012...addition, Candidate for State Senate in the 33rd District.
I have been following Melissa Schlag. She began by walking the walk on opposing the Haddam Land Swap and was a central figure. She also has inside knowledge from involvement with party politics where she became disenchanted with how that machine functions. So she decided to run for State Senator for the 33rd District here in Connecticut. However party politics would work against her. So she was fortunate to find the Green Party, whose stand on issues went well with hers, and is running on their ticket. They are proud to offer her for consideration by voters in the 33rd district and I strongly encourage voters to make the decision to vote for Ms. Schlag. She will bring honesty, integrity and transparency to the office while working in the best interest of residents. Please take a moment or two and visit and check out her webpage at Melissa Schlag For Senate. It is highly worth noting that the Norwich Bulletin AND the New London Day newspapers(organizations) both endorse her for this position to serve. And these newspapers are major publications east of the Connecticut River and they cover the issues of that region.
As anyone who is familiar with politics and the 3rd party the R's and D's both use standard ploys to demean any and all 3rd party efforts. The Green Party and Ms. Schlag are on their radar. Their latest comment is the one that accuses The GP and Ms. Schlag as stealing votes and swinging the election. But that's what any election does no matter if it's 2 parties or 3 parties. That's what voting might be interpreted to be. It is an election. And any 3rd party votes are more likely to reflect those votes that weren't all that solid and might only have been there by default of only 2 parties. But with a 3rd choice they found a better home. I encourage voters to use their conscience and once you decide who you think should be in the office vote that way. Don't be swayed by an argument that brings foreknowledge of the outcome to cause you to change your vote. An election should not be voting from insider knowledge and on who has the chance to win. It should be consience based on the choice you think is best suited to hold the office. Don't let a fear based argument initmidate you. Ms. Schlag needs your vote. She needs to get a reading of how well she is accepted from her efforts and she deserves the loyalty to follow through from voters. She is grateful to all who support her.
Here is the 33rd District - Connecticut State Senate
The 33rd Senate District includes Chester, Clinton, Colchester, Deep River, East Haddam, East Hampton, Essex, Haddam, Lyme, Portland, Westbrook and part of Old Saybrook.

October 12, 2012...addition
Here is a short 1 minute and 10 second message from Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein on the occupy Washington by the 2 only parties Republican and Democrat:

If the I-Frame doesn't show click this link, Dr Jill Stein on Political Medicine (Rx for Dems, Reps) from Youtube

And here is a link to a biography on Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party Presidential candidate, Dr. Jill Stein Biography

October 11, 2012...addition
n Connecticut's District #2 the long time State Senator Eileen Daily is retiring. There are several running for her position. One is Melissa Schlag on the Green Party ticket. Melissa spearheaded the movenemnt to oppose the infamous Haddam Landswap. She is a local resident. Her credentials and more information about and from her can be found at this website:
Melissa Schlag For Senate

August 14, 2012...addition
*)Reform Party becomes the FIRST federally recognized political party in the USA to use APPROVAL VOTING to select it's nominees for President and Vice President. How's that for cutting edge?
*)Presidential Candidate Andre Barnett and Vice Presidential Candidate Kenneth Cross acceptance speeches at the 2012 Reform Party Nomination Convention on CSPAN!
The Reform Party elected it's presidential and vice presidential nominees at their national convention.
*)At the convention, the Reform Party has nominated Andre Barnett for President and Ken Cross for Vice President.
August 13, 2012...addition
Reform Party nomination process will be on CSPAN 9:30 Eastern / 6:30 Pacific tonight. See what a real process looks like when the result isn't prescripted!
BTW, Mr. Andre Barnett has been chosen from Presidential nominees as the Reform Party Presidential Candidate. More coming on post convention activities and results.
Reform Party

August 10, 2012...addition
I haven't been posting. Maybe I am burned out? I'm still herer and will post eventually. Politics and government can be depressing since correcting it from being powered and fueled by wealth(money) and power itself is demoralizing. However, you should know there are many who carry the torch for sidelining Republican and Democrat and giving regular citizens occupancy of their government. Currently as I type this the National Reform Partry is holding it's convention in Philadelphia this weekend, Aug. 10, 11 and 12. And there are other parties whose efforts must not be overlooked. June 01, 2012...addition
Been slow to post. May be picking up. For all who have doubts about the Republican and Democrat parties as well as the corporate role connection to our government where the phrase too big to fail and a close synonymous extension of you can't live without us marks us for Serfdom. Democracry is seriously compromised, sold out and denied when Serfdom(a form of slavery) is the theme.

Road To Serfom Friedrich August von Hayek from Wikipedia

May 21, 2012...addition
If the activities of CEO's disturb or even infuriate you here is an article you might find refreshing. It tells about CEO's, from a list of CEO miscreants, who paid the price for their serious indescretions at this link: 10 CEOs that went from the boardroom to the cell block

May 11, 2012...addition
Reform Party presidential contender Andre Barnett addresses the RPNJ State Convention. Barnett later won the straw poll with 70% of the vote.

Andre Barnett 2012 Website

April 23, 2012...addition
Article of interest. Ross Perot showed us we were headed for that Titanic Iceberg of Debt. And how it would take us down. The 2 major parties have done little to nothing to change the direction and that path to avoid the Iceberg of Debt. In fact they more likely have sped things up. Read Kingsly Guy's article. The revolution and civil war of politics is, The Third Party. Like police presence sometimes just putting them there generates desired results. But we have to put them there. While it won't put everything right it will be that major step to get them right.
Ross Was Right Article Kingsly Guy of the So. Fla. Sun Sentinel, Main Page

March 19, 2012...addition
Wish I could see something good about this but our political system appears to imitate the definition of corruption with a generous dose of resistance and denial.
Gop Freshmen, Big-Bucks Donors Hobnob At Resort

March 06, 2012...addition
Just watched a video from Science 360. It has been shown(used) on some major news networks to support the notion that they rely on a sampling of a group that will accurately speak for the entire group. It is accepted that it enters everyones mind by entering a smaller number of minds. Here is the link; Science Behind The News: Opinion Polls And Random Sampling. Click the video on that page and watch and listen. If you should go to the homepage click on TOPICS for a dropdown menu. Then click on MATHEMATICS to go to a page of videos. There you will find thumbnail photo-link of the Whitehouse with the text (Science Behind The News: Opinion Polls And Random Sampling). It then has a small preface description of this:
Explaining the science of random sampling and why it's possible to query a few hundred or thousand people to accurately determine the opinions of the general public

After watching and listening may I offer my comments?
Dr. Vincent Hutchings, a Professor, appears and speaks to the poll process and it's basis as stated above to yield reliable results. That is something that has always been troubling. More over the information reported might well be used for a candidate to use the idea of condescending content in speeches to pre-package his campaign for certain areas or states. Playing the sweetest sound to Pied Piper voters. My question on listening to campaign speeches is that they serve as the end purpose of the canpaign by influencing or possibly fooling voters to vote for them. But may I get on to the subject that people are soup. Keep in mind that the soup has no mind and people do. A carrot cannot choose taste like anything but a carrot and for example chicken. And for that same reason a chunk of chicken cannot taste like a carrot. Therefore a taste of a soup is very likely to represent the pot. However, a people soup with internal ideas isn't that. First the people soup example is best described by having all the same shaped items. They may differ in color but that isn't necessary to make my point. Now, each of the soup people decide what they want to taste like. According to Dr. Hutchings this will speak for how the rest of the soup people are thinking they want to taste. Chicken soup taste is a result from being distributed evenly through cooking convection and stirring. The taste of people-soup comes from a process of individual decision by the contents no matter how much you cook and/or stir them has little to no effect.
Perhaps the most alarmimg piece of information was what might be an attempt to simplify explaining using the metaphor that in effect a group of people are soup. February 02, 2012...addition
May I pass on this website. Bill Moyers has the program on site where he interviewed John Reed and former Senator Byron Dorgan from North Dakota on the financial activities of our country over the last years and what led up to our current situation of 'Too Big To Fail', Repeal of Glass Steagall and the escalating disparity between the 1% and the 99%. He states that if you are at the top of the 98% you are still way below the bottom of the 1%. The program may also be replayed on CPTV: Moyers & Company @
And a quote and link of possible interest:
A quote from George Washington Plunkitt from Wikipedia:
There is so much honest graft
in this big town that        
they would be fools to go in 
for dishonest graft          
January 30, 2012...addition
I listened to some of WNPR expounding on the Alabama Immigration law. After listening it was clear that the commentary was comfortable at criticizing that state and it's attempt to address illegal immigration using examples of ludicrous application, driving away foreign business investment(s) etc. along with an 'it's not needed since there are so few immigant(s) argument(s).
May I make a comment or comments. Immigration law is part of our legalese. After listening to enough commentary of a contrare motive it appears that some must be in stark disagreement with immigration control at all. I hold no hope for them along the lines of immigration reform and development. It should be recognized that immigration law is something that states have just begun to approach and apply. It's something new but it is also a necessary element of our country. So, rather than the Federal Gov. suing Arizona you would think, no, make that expect, the Federal Government to coordinate and help the states out with this. But our government is occupied by professional dissenters called Republicans and Democrats. They 'oppose' better than 'work with'. Just observe the operation of Congress. We Republicans know better. No, we Democrats know better. Some laws should be common to all states. Otherwise illegal immigrants become nomadic and hopscotch from state to state wherever the laws relax in their favor. I am heartened in that there are more on board with trying to approach a repair to the immigraton situation than when it began.

January 26, 2012...addition
Currently we have situations in the cities of East Haven and New Haven Connecticut. In East Haven the reports are that the police have been insensitive to a race community by profiling. And over-sensitive in using the law in targeting them on traffic stops. The Mayor made a comment of questionable nature as well.
Then we have the Mayor of New Haven being over-sensitive to the illegal community by being insensitve to the law in manufacturing a psuedo-legal status for them. And it appears he isn't finished as he displays a desire for them to vote.
Please be aware that although this isn't desirable it is to be expected. Goes with the territory and issue of illegal immigration from years of negligence on the part of those whose responsibility it was to apply and enforce immigration law(s).

January 11, 2012...addition
The New Hampshire Primary had more candidates to offer than the more known ones. I will be posting information on them here. I would think they would be of interest to those who vote their conscience of who they think SHOULD come out on top and not vote from polling(trolling) for insider information to know who will or won't be on top. And a list of links: Hugh Cort Randy Crow
Lesser Known Candidates Union Leader Michael Meehan
Here is a link to a YouTube message from Michael Meehan I found to be down to earth.

January 10, 2012...addition..Robert Reich opinion on the Occupy Movement and what it represents. Agree?

January 06, 2012...addition
I will be passing on information on illegal immigration and the presidential candidates coming from Numbersusa, an organization who has been and is standing for enforcement of immigration laws. And since amnesties have happened times before with no corrective follow through Numbersusa feels that an amnesty for the 12 or 13 million illegal immigrants wouldn't see any change in the address of illegal immigration. In addition, any current efforts might well be nothing more than a part of a con to weaken feelings and pass an amnesty. At which time there will be no more need for putting on airs and a return to a lax immigration will again be the norm. It isn't that we all have been patient and forgiving. Amnesties have happened before. And as it is so human that if something happens often enough that starts out as a gift it can and will eventually be seen as an expected entitlement. No good deed goes unpunished as the saying goes. We have just seen the Iowa Republican Caucus results and there are immigration views held by the candidates. I will pass on sources that will reveal their stand on those who eneter and have entered illegally.
In the past some politicians have responded when I drew thweir attention to illegal imigration that we aren't anywhere near the border so there can't be any problem. May I direct you to Danbury's cross section of the problem and in a more spotlit city, New Haven Connecticut and Mayor John Destefano. The Mayor has essentially pardoned illegal immigrants and given them legal New Haven status!! He now has requested they be able to vote. I believe this would be in New Haven only but who knows? You have to ask yourself what benefits are there to follow through legally if you can get it all illegally? A process encourages following it when it has the reward attached and not the illegal process. The Mayor of NH is inviting illegal passage. He is aiding and abetting them as an accessory. And he was just sworn in for his 15-20th term or office. The issue of serving too long might well be how this materialized.
So, the issue is here and there. It is in many areas of our country. And some side with the illegals rights and some stand with the legal immigrant and citizens. Arizona and border states are applying measures to deter border activities. But some are being led by officials who represent an approach to the amnesty of 12 to 13 million that favors reward for illegal entry rather than legal entry. I expect voters to be concerned about many important issues such as jobs and the economy etc. Many are connected. Along with the important issues you might consider adding in Immigration Reform and the associated items such as Amnesty etc.
The following link will take you to the Numbersusa webcast site where they broadcast discussions and information on immigration;
Numbersusa Webcast
And if you are inclined to see the report card for your Congress Person click here:
Congressional Report Cards

December 29, 2011...addition
May I offer examples of Socialism and Capitalism that show themselves? Our runaway Stock Market, Wall Street and huge Corporate manipuated markets are examples of bad irresponsible caitalism. When the Soviet Union discarded it's socialist ways in favor of capitalist ways people suddenly found they needed a shopping carriage worth of money to buy a loaf of bread. On the flip side we have irresponsible socialism here in America. It is present in programs that dole out monies from taxation to those who defraud our system or a program that by design is rewarding persons who choose to live under socialist programs. In America socialism shoud be for those who need it due to unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances imposing on them.

December 28, 2011...addition..National Party News
As of this date 3 individuals have stepped up to be candidates to be nominated for the Reform Party Presidential candidate,
Andre Nigel Barnett, Robert David Steele and Robby Carr Wells.
Click here to go to the National Party webspage for more about these potential Party Presidential Candidates: 2012 Presidential Candidates.
Here is a link to the National Party Chairman's current/latest letter: Chairman's Letter.

December 25, 2011...addition
I often hear how we are all immigrants except Native American Indians. So let's look at that closer.
The original inhabitants are referred to as Native American Indians. The Pilgrams who arrived did so by passing the immigration test of survival. I would call them Legal Native American Immigrants. And like the Pilgrams others would follow who would be in that catagory as well. Colonization would take place, laws would be placed into effect for the common good and the new world would be born. Doubtless there would be some who would come into the 'New World' in a clandestine manner. I would call them Illegal Native American Immigrants. However to be able to trace these persons from generations since might well be out of the question due to limited to no resources. So, although a cross section of America is made up of both legal and illegal Native American Immigrants we can only address those we can identify of recent. And those wouldn't be legal or illegal Native American Immigrants but more recent and not be called Native anything. After a native generation that title would be mixed both native and non-native. So with Immigration law set the legal method to become a U.S. Citizen through by immigration legally was defined in law. There may be rare exceptions but the preferred way for the general masses was and is legally defined. Since the inception of these laws immigration has been both legal and illegal but by no means are we somehow deprived and denied our right to maintain our immigration control by our legal system and it's laws as it would seem to be by some party's standards. Having a handle on the ability to trace people who are residing here as to their legal or illegal status is a useful tool. I might blame those in charge for failing to maintain a working system putting us in the current predicament. Also putting myself and others in the unconfortable and undeserved position of making hard choices such as sending a family back to their country. I for one will not be voting for someone who will show a laxness on our immigration policy(ies). So, the end result is that even though we are all immigrants sans the Native American Indian, we are of differing titles such as legal American Immigrant and illegal Immigrant and for some we go back far enough such that we are of the Native American Immigration source. Maybe the next time you hear someone express that we are all immigrants you might recall the various times in our history of immigration and the titles more accurately associated.
For some it might be hard to believe after stating my position and view(s) on immigration. I am firm on illegal immigration. On immigration I feel it should be done with a measure of prudence and legalese. I have encountered immigrants in my everyday life. They are fine upstanding people. They occupy job positions that deal directly with the public which can be a very testy job. I can speak from experience. I tend to compliment those counter people at fast foods so they know someone appreciates them. And they can be found at upper levels of businesses as well. But the point is that current modern day immigrants can be and are respectable and positively contribute. I see no reason why our immigration system can't suffice. It will never accomodate the masses on a timeliness that they want. But that is an unavoidable reality.

December 19, 2011...addition
Comments on the Occupy Movement.
Ya think the King of England liked the people acting up when they were poked and pushed around to reach the end of their rope? Having said that the playing field in our society contains everything from soup to nuts. And they can be found in ALL professions. The Occupy Movement in it's original intent and motive is what I support. I believe that after a period others were attracted who came with different intent. And because we have healthy and unhealthy lifestyles some came with habits that are socially unacceptable by standards of decency. Maybe a product of a society that exploits itself for money? Those are possibly what authorities in charge of domestic tranquillity should be and are concerned with. Likely the movement doesn't police itself as even those with the bad habits might be in common with the original intent of the OM. Tends to get a bit complex I guess? So, maybe the economics of the country calls this on itself? I am not a happy camper with those who idolize uncontrolled capitalism. Even now it is reported that UCONN may go up 4.9% on it's tuition per year for a number of years. Shame on them as they contribute to what I see as gluttony.
Having stated the above it should be noted that the short video clips used in news reporting can be misleading. The shortened video can be incomplete and give a false view. I cannot substantiate in either direction but have heard that the video of police pepper spraying seated college students outside is misleading. The police gave ample notice prior to the incident to avoid being addressed by the police. The full length video may be on YouTube. If I should find it I will post a link. Until you really know the full facts I would think you should reserve judgement either way.

December 16, 2011...addition..Exciting news!!
I have recieved official notice of acceptance to nomination for the Reform Party Presidential candidacy 2012 for Robert David Steele. I will make the effort to supply some information here on the candidate as well as links.
Email recieved from David Collison
Chairman, Reform Party National Committee
Robert David Steele is one of three declared candidates for the Reform Party nomination for President.
Here is a link of information about Mr. Steele:
REFORM PARTY: Robert David Steele for President 2012 -
The only team with a real plan for restoring Of, By, and For..
from the Public Intelligence Blog
And several more links:
Robert David Steele from Wikipedia
Robert David Steele from The Huffington Post
Robert David Steele Facebook page

The links provided for Mr. Steele are only some. The internet and other various sources can produce more information. Keep in mind some may be opinionated and of course the internet is a 'free' source consequently you need to be cautious of what you find and where.
Please be aware I will be posting information about his campaign and locations where you may hear him speak and meet him.
The above photo of Robert David Steele courtesy of Wikipedia and attribution
as specified and requested by copyright holder is Porkrind at en.wikipedia

November 29, 2011...addition
The following came to me via email. I have checked with Snopes and found their response(s). They make their claim to be 'Mostly Outdated & Inaccurate'. Reading it I believe the Outdaed & Inaccurate was tied to just not being cuurent from being updated. They drew excerpts from Charitable Navigator and Forbes. Forbes always triggers my thoughts of being supportive of wealth in the extremes. So no shock when they defended the salaries and compensatory aspects of the upper level title holders of said charity organizations. Their defense focused on their chosen label of 'efficiency'. Please keep in mind that regardless of the efficiency the head(s) still absorb(s) an excessive salary. And much of the justification for what might appear to be glutonous is to state how there is a higher amount of such in other areas of the business world. Of course these are charity salaries by comparison. May I draw your attention to the organizations that are at a zero salary and yet produce charity. Zero may be an under appreciated amount and some compensation might be more equitable in a sense of decency. But whatever, please don't overlook these truly humble charity organizations whose operations have no excess salary and compensation connections. Thanks.

Christmas is coming. Think about these. As you open your pockets for the next natural disaster, please keep these facts in mind:

    · The American Red Cross President and CEO Marsha J. Evans salary for the year was $651,957 plus expenses
  • · The United Way President Brian Gallagher receives a $375,000 base salary along with numerous expense benefits.
  • · UNICEF CEO Caryl M. Stern receives $1,200,000 per year (100k per month) plus all expenses including a ROLLS ROYCE . Less than 5 cents of your donated dollar goes to the cause.

  • · The Salvation Army's Commissioner Todd Bassett receives a small salary of only $13,000 per year (plus housing) for managing this $2 billion dollar organization. 96 percent of donated dollars go to the cause.
  • · The American Legion National Commander receives a $0.00 zero salary. Your donations go to help Veterans and their families and youth!
  • · The Veterans of Foreign Wars National Commander receives a $0.00 zero salary. Your donations go to help Veterans and their families and youth!
  • · The Disabled American Veterans National Commander receives a $0.00 zero salary. Your donations go to help Veterans and their families and youth!
  • · The Military Order of Purple Hearts National Commander receives a $0.00 zero salary. Your donations go to help Veterans and their families and youth!
  • · The Vietnam Veterans Association National Commander receives a $0.00 zero salary. Your donations go to help Veterans and their families and youth!

November 23, 2011...addition
Robert Reich: "The REAL Public Nuisance"

November 22, 2011...addition
Not sure how valid this is. It was posted on Facebook:
I know it states Christian left but some things that have truth and substance can be shared by a harmless coincidence.
Here is a link on the internet:
The Wounded Bird Blogspot

November 20, 2011...addition, as of this date. It may be updated so check the Snopes website.
General Electric Moving To China

Protesters Occupy GE CEO Jeff Immelt's Connecticut Front Lawn

October 20, 2011...addition
When capitalism swings to the extreme there are results and consequences. Here are the 99% standing up facing the 1%. The 1% have 99% of the pie. The 99% have to live off 1% of the pie while supporting the appetite of the 1% who already have 99% of that pie. Not sure this is rocket science and dessert but see what you find.
And it might be worth noting that the government, media and a few others occupy your(our) life to a degree that might undo the idea that we are free but more of a one way controlled society who claims representation is the free part.
I believe the framework is a magnificent one. But through human intervention the economic side goes to an oppressive level. And it is complex when non-U.S. human involvement connects from societies who operate much differently but offer ways to add to the oppressive status. I am frequently reminded of the phrase, 'Domestic Tranquility' and have to wonder.

Here are some links to internet sites on the movement:
October 12, 2011...addition
Elizabeth Warren has and is a mainstream figure and voice on the state of our economy and corporate oversight. Here is a video of Ms. Warren commenting on the Occupy Wall Street movement;
Please note the we're too big to fail oppose regulation. That is to say, regulating them. But they have no problem with themselves regulating our economy and us. How self centered can you be!?!?
Please listen to what she says. Do we learn from our experiences? Or are they lost in the generations?
Elizabeth Warren: Markets Need to Be Regulated

October 11, 2011...addition
Of recent our country we have always touted to be great(and it is just that, BUT...) there is and are problems that DON'T contribute to our greatness. Not in a positive way! Our domestic tranquility is harmed when the economics of our society become skewed in the direction of irresponible capitalism. The Occupy Wall Street demonstration/protest was a positive show that 'We the People Proud' won't be called couch potatoes and will respond when there is a call to action. Not just when the government calls us to the Middle East and other parts. But, right here. And it is a comfort to see other such protests/demonstrations sprouting up. In the near future I will be posting links to organizations whose goals are to stop the economic runaway train we are on. You will see the pundit programs with their hand picked analysts and capital hill reporters all with smiles. The smiles are a ploy as there could be a serious side to something but they must smile. If you should encounter the 4 or 2 panel screen each with a psuedo expert who will expound or verbaly joust with the others they too will be smiling as if they are imitating the Joker. Does this alarm or upset? I simply choose to draw attention to it as it is predictable and since the media tries to project and control this may be part of their armament using psycological intent. A last note: Demonstrations and protests are acceptable until they become violent. NO VIOLENCE!!

August 21, 2011...addition
Here is a link to an NPR article titled, 'Mad At The Democrats And Republicans? Don't Count On A Third Party

It is important to see the full picture of those who perpotrt to be our(your)leaders. Ask yourself some questions. What do they consider you and evryone else who make up the demographic known as the Middle Class American Citizen? Do you feel like the subject of an experiment? Who is running the experiment? Who kills the jobs? How are jobs killed? Who creates the jobs? Who sits by while the economy goes away? And how do elected leaders create jobs? And what jobs do they profess to create? What 2 parties are ALWAYS wearing the leader title? How are they doing? Are they the only persons capable of leading? What part does the media play in the ongoing lock these 2 parties have on holding a government servant title? Are you comfortable with big corporations and their relation with our(your) government? Is lobbying the best thing? Lots of questions before you decide to accept either or both of the 2 usual suspects(Keyser Söze). Please keep in mind the following quote:
The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. And like that, poof. He's gone.
Does the bad side and evil of man exist? Does money have a bad and evil influence? Do you feel they think those human aspectsd only exist in the common man, you and I and not in them? Or, have they orchetrated a process that denies addressing those unsavory elements in themselves, our(your) leaders?

July 22, 2011...addition
Senator Begich of Alaska was on Washington Journal. May I comment about one item from him. He stated that it is hard to predict the fiscal budget. He cited as an example emergencies such as Katrina. I disagree. Then 'the when' may not be known but you should prepare on a basis of expecting it whenever. The levees and damns were shamefully inadequate due to deterioration. Pumps were overworked and maybe not working at all. Plans of anykind were next to 'winging it'. The preparedness I saw was local residents filling sandbags and anyone with a small boat doing what they could. FEMA was an embarrassment. Such a mishandled piece of responsibility!!!! Any rehtoric of the Senator's type that circumvents and ignores is damage control. I'm not someone who can't understand the great challenge of managing the budget of our country. It has to be terribly difficult. But, if we can go to the moon and do so many awesome things the management of our fiscal house should be within the realm of feasible.

July 21, 2011...addition. No more philanthropy with my tax money.
Comments on the economc status of the USA and the debt ceiling. Lawrence O'Donnell and what sounds like Rachel Maddow in agreement both tout raising the debt cieling. You should know that the hard nosed Republican and Democrat are hard nosed with the goal of trashing the other. Not for what's in the best interest of you and me but the actions of the avid fanatic who hates the other passionately. As I type I hear Rachel Maddow announcing the 5 states Moody's are projecting to downgrade on their credit ratings. One of which is Virginia who Lawrence O'Donnell states has a plethora of government employees and related job employees. I thank them for spilling the beans here. They want to tug at your feelings about Virginia. But the reciprocal says Virginia is the primary player in draining the Federal Government and you and I!!! They get a lions share of Federal monies!! I am not a fan of letting Moody's call the shots here and won't let myself swoon for Virginia!! Let's root out all those states who have been and are financial vampires on us, the Federal Government!! It's been way too long that the government has been acting in a philanthropic way with our borders and our finances by passing around tax money and have no foundation to support their claim of philanthropy. All we get is, 'dig deeper'. They have no regard for responsible money management. Right now Barney Frank is pounding away on the Rachel Maddow show doing damage control. Without a raised debt ceiling the liberal philanthropists won't have room to operate. Moody's dropping the rating on Virginia and the other states is justified and should be downgraded even if the debt ceiling is raised. That's because they put themselves in the position of having to have the debt ceiling raised and not all states have done that. They are guilty of being either the problem or a player in part. I'm for finding all those who were and are the cause of this situation we are now in and sending them a message that has teeth to give them something to think about in any like future activities. Virginia needs to be regulated. Ask yourself, should we add more debt for Virginia? Or any state that is part of the problem of mismanagement and mishandling of the Federal Government's finances?
Most businesses and persons who encounter this economic status are assigned not to encounter more debt but pay existing bills. In government I could be swayed to look at absolute necessities. But according to politicians it's all absolute necessity. Do I hate Democrats(liberals) and or Republican(Conservatives)? They give me nothing to like and so much to dislike. I'm very disgusted with their claim to the deed to Washington D.C. and ocupying the government. Both Lawrence O'Donnell and Rachel Maddow appear to be in favor of whatever time number is Illegal Immigration Amnesty and the 75th Raising of the Debt Ceiling Amnesty. I am still hearing the rants of Rachel Maddow. Oh yes, she will be silent soon.

June 13, 2011...addition
In the spirit the media touts, Never Forget this and that, let's revisit the U.S. House of Representatives Banking Scandal from Wikipedia. It is stated tht the scandal involved more than 450 representatives. They left their checking accounts overdrawn for at least eight months. In fairness none were cited to have committed crimes but 22 were singled out along with the others as committing unethical economic practices. I bring this up because it is duplicating(no, I won't use replicating) the mismanagement of spending that has put our country fiscally way over the top and in unfathomable liability. I do wonder where the states rank in the amount of Federal Funds needed. And for what. As much as I m ight see some states as high maintenance some is due to unfunded mandates by guess who? My state and I have had to address that form of economic liability. Not easy to stomach. I will not be happy if I have to bailout the Federl Government. How about some tough love right back at them ?And why isn't Susie Orman telling them what to do? She seems to know everything about economics.

June 12, 2011...addition
Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC's 'The Last Word' does a soundbyte touting in general about the positive side of immigration. This is the way the media acts in the capacity of a 'saleman'. Mr. O'Donnell states that we are who and where we are becuase of immigrants and immigration. May I respond with comments regarding his statement and possible differences between the beginnings of America and the present.
Our beginnings or birth came from immigrating to a land with native occupants but little in the new land in the way of development as per what those immigrants were looking for. And that was freedom from another human's dominance. Ironically we had to dominate the local inhabitants. Perhaps more ironically was that some that came here were only at odds with being dominated in that they didn't have a way or path to dominate. In any event it was pretty much an open space for people to start a new country. It should be obvious that imigration here now is different in that we have developed and there is a country here. Some who come here now aren't escaping as much as looking to take an action in their favor. This could be honorable or rooted in despicable activities. I have nothing personal toward immigrants until they come here unoticed, unannounced and undocumented. Then I take it personal. I am proud to have immigrants and I expect them to be proud to come here minus excuses on method of entering. And to those who run interference such as Mr. O'Donnell I consider him a dangerous entity since he broadcasts across the network giving him a vast audience. Perhaps there is more to Mr. O'Donnell and his view of immigration. I renounce hatred of legal immigration and support those who can enforce immigration laws on those who choose to be illegal. I support an intelligent and prudent approach based on good sound judgement on immigration policy(ies). I was always told not to pick up hitchhikers unless I knew them and if anything pass them to authorities. So why would I support unregulated visiting practices on those who come here? If Mr. O'Donnell finds these views detrimental he may be locked in a dream?

May 27, 2011...addition
The following may not be a revelation. We celebrate the claim of a 'free' and 'democratic' society. In our celebration we seem to accept by not facing the fact that even before that we are challenged and ruled by the thread of capitalism. The single most defining element of our society is the manipulation of our society's capitalism economy by those who exploit that very society. Some are in the commercial aspect while others hold position and flaunt power from their elected posts in our government. They maintain a stranglehold on each and every one of us. I repeat a prior expressed thought. What can WE DO TO BREAK THAT STRANGLEHOLD or at least cause it to yeild. How about a 3rd party? Don't vote either of them back in. Or at least put another party in! Will it take time? I suppose that could be stated. But, it wouldn't take much time if WE ALL VOTED THEM OUT! Keep in mind the role the media plays in manipulating. What could be more illogical but feed the insatiable appetite to control and manipulate than to constantly claim you will save money by spending?!?

May 20, 2011...addition
This site devotes itself to the concern for illegal immigration. I offer here a link to an article about 2 trucks of illegal immigrants apprehended:
Mexican Authorities Find 513 Illegal Immigrants In 2 Tractor-Trailers> The associated comments left display a measure of humanity that engages in a back alley and gutter level of converstaion.
I am fervently opposed to illegal immigration and support sensible immigration in amounts that are economically feasible, sound and socially healthy. I realize that this is a tall order but a wide open and unmanaged immigration activity doesn't seem like an intelligent, prudent and sound situation.

May 15, 2011...addition
The media(Fox61 News maybe?) has expectedly tried to rescue the grocery shopper by showcasing a woman who uses coupons. Coupons are not new. The station showed her gimmick(s) and finally a full grocery cart at $45.50. But not a dietician in site. We need to know if the coupon items were just to fill the cart or useful as in healthy choices? We also need to know the gimmickery that goes with coupons and everyone behind the scenes connected. These coupons need to be checked for validity and serve a purpose beyond the shopper. One wonders why the item isn't priced at 50 cents less on the shelf requiring no coupon? There's a reason or reasons. One might be that if the price is already reduced a shopper is less likely to buy it than if they have a 50 cent coupon in their hand. I suspect it's a human nature concept employed. But the media ignores all this it seems. If you accept what the media projects and promotes them, 'Let the buyer beware' of following their lead.

Dateline May 1st, 2011, May 2, 2011...addition
MAY DAY, 2011

So many of us despise violence most particularly combat and war. These can come in different forms. Perhaps the ugliest of what we humans contend with are movements of terrorist nature. From one person to a network of them who operate for the sole purpose of terrorizing a few or everyone. Osama Bin Laden was more than a bump in the road. He was a major obstacle whose image and ocassional taped messages generated minions to do his will of terrorism. The tracking of him over time came at great cost! The final encounter took place and last chapter has been written for Osama Bin Laden. Was there any alternative? Today we greet the day with a major threat from one source now silenced.

To all my fellow military active and veteran, the mission to remove(eliminate) the major player(leader) of the terrorist movement Osama Bin Laden has been completed. My great respect to the Joint Special Forces, U.S. Special Forces and our Navy Seals who saw this mission's final encounter to it's successful conclusion. I imagine that this will not be a complete illimination of terrorism. I would hope so but take stock that these forces, Joint & United States Special Forces, Navy Seals and others are dilligent and on call. This serves notice they can and will act when the situation needs them. This was an act of self defense on behalf of the entire civilized world. Terrorism is a global threat. I shall forever remember May 1st(May Day), 2011 as a day of relief for all the civilized world. To all peace loving civilized persons: Lastly, this entire event was regretfull and personally I wish it had never happened.
For the record there are some who are so antigovernment they see a conspiracy here. It is our government. Comes with good and bad. But it is ours and some other country. Know this, that my posts concerning the President's birth certificate of proof is a stand alone item. Some allege that this conspiracy theory is a product of that which motivates(ed) the birthers. While I am also against conspiracies I cannot jump from one to another lacking substance of proof. I immediately wondered about the quickness of burial etc. It was explained, that a test on the spot showed it was Osama Bin Laden and that his brain was saved.I am open to comments and being corrected. I certainly do not want to be gullible as anyone can be. Obviously this event should be covered well enough to root out anything if it is there.
And it has been reported that there is yet an incident in Portland Maine of hateful and threatening nature making reference to Islam and Muslims. This is not the way to react and express yourself. There are peace loving Muslims. Hate that randomly targets the mass hits innocent people. Lets be mindful of this and denounce the hate that is nothing more than foolish spam.

April 28, 2011...addition
Our Founding Fathers were birthers. They made it mandatory that a President of the United States be a United States Citizen BY BIRTH. As a United States Citizen I honor that mandate. I expect it to be honored by all. Especially those who serve and are serving. I don't expect the media and politics to do anything else but demean it whenever they feel it deserves to be in fitting their agenda, possibly political. But as a Citizen and to all those who have been sent to a distant place to fight by a President I stand firm that he or she be a United States Citizen BY BIRTH. Allegiance to the United States is best set when it starts at BIRTH in the UNITED STATES only. I can think of some serious complications that may arise but in the final analysis the Founding Fathers call needs to be answered. And to those who say, 'Let's move on.' I say what you really are saying is, 'Let's move away'. Whose fault is it if past Presidents haven't been questioned? It's in the process. It's their onus to pony up the evidence. Trust no one. That's why we have a system of checks and balances. Our current 2 parties have been clever and diligent enought to exploit that to where I have to wonder. And isn't it interesting that to some the subject here is being over-talked when in our own government they use an over-talk process that mimics this called a 'Fillibuster'!!! So much for moving on when that takes place!!

27 April, 2011...addition
The President has produced his Hawaiian Long Form Notice of Live Birth. I would just like to bring up some important knowledge about the requirement for a public servant in government to be an American citizen by birth. Our Forefathers made wise decisions. One they made pertained to offices in government. These office positions were considered so important that they coud not be content that just anyone held them. It was considered a high risk for someone whose birth was other than America to hold certain offices. And the highest one of President was the highest of the highest risks. These office positions, servant of the people, by the people and for the people, were not to be held by an Irish born, French born, Italian born, Russian born or any other born except American born. The idea of asking about the credentials of a servant is anything but trivial. In support of our Forefathers and respect for their wisdom I stand my ground when this question is in suspense. Current comments from the media make little reference to what I have stated here. They come more with the feel of intimidation. Even I am asked from time to time to identify my status. I assume the document he just revealed is legal in the eyes of the appropriate credentially committee/department or whatever it is. I would say that from this point on if the question persists it should be ignored by the media. If they don't then they are working this issue for a self serving purpose.
April 25, 2011...addition
Our freedom and democracy has been more than just co=opted. It has been hijacked by Corporate America. And that tends to be an insult as they are far more of Corporate Alone For Themselves than desrving to be connected in title with America. That word brings with it a great amount of respect and admiration which they tend to ignore. The word America to them is just a legalese word to complete the term they need to access all the business goodies and political clout to take the measure of everyone else. Here is an article from Common Dreams on the role of corporations. Give it a read and see what you think?

The Corporate State Wins Again
by Chris Hedges & Common Dreams

Here is another article that descibes the corporate movement in the oil/gas industry. One does have to wonder if they are recouping oil spill penalties by price increases. I'm sure it is a part of the picture. But, read this and the comments to see what you think? I know not everyone thinks Michael Moore has anything of merit. Please keep in mind that this is Donna Smith and her husband and the current economic times she is commenting on.
Corporate Welfare Campaign by My Common Man by Donna Smith, Open Mike, Michael Moore

April 19, 2011...addition
I submit for your evaluation the following informational video from Dave Meslin:
April 18, 2011...addition
The following is a level of interogation of Fed's Inspector General Elizabeth Coleman on the Federal Reserve and their actions/inactions. Note the reference to 'off balance sheet' activities.

Alan Grayson: Is Anyone Minding the Store at the Federal Reserve?

March 1, 2011...addition
If reading the February 28th entry just below about the excesses of capitalism you felt it had some credence may I draw your attention to this observation. If I can comment on our economics using metaphor and simile we are on an elevator that goes up only. Don't miss your floor!! If you do you're doomed!! We are a society that is exploited economically. Presently we are economically anemic from wounds inflicted by the insidious exploitation from merciless business practices, con and scam by any other name, and have a capitalism tumor. We need surgery but the 2 parties that run Washington administer bandaid treatment. Voting them back in every time only perpetuates the hemorrhaging and sets us up for another bout of anemia. The surgery needed is to remove the infection from the 2 parties by voting them out. This means voting new occupants in who can then bring the excesses inflicted on the working American and the Family under control. Bad word? You like no control? Or are those 2 bad words? Look at the expenses of life and see what ones qualify in this catagory. I suspect they are from those businesses that pretty much call their own shots and might well have made some alliance through contact with the current 2 parties that run the show. I think it's time for a new cast of servants. None of this can come about unless you and I find and support another party that can replace the old cast. Please keep this in mind in the time leading up to elections and be serious about making real change. Meanwhile, BEWARE OF THE MEDIA!!

February 28, 2011...addition
Well, I recently heard the best phrase I have ever heard from a speech on Cspan I think. Can't recall who. If I do I will pass it on. The phrase was short and right on as far as I could get. It stated, 'Now that we have addressed the excesses of Communism we can now address the excesses of Capitalism.' Capitalism is not the holy grail of societies. It is still fueled by human nature which again is not the holy grail of natures. I put it to you to see everything man touches or creates to be in that frame. Just because it's capitism and democracy the devil didn't run off and hide. He is here and in some cases hiding but he/she is here and I expect he/she is not going away. Some things don't come out correctly from competition. They need regulation.

February 27, 2011...addition
Currently lots going on when the economic rubber band was stretched to the point of snapping! This puts many in an undeserved position financially. Of recent collective bargaining has been a highly controversial topic. If I'm not mistaken this is a process that brings parties to the table for reasonable discussion that will result in the best optimum outcome for everyone. One might ask why this doesn't seem to work between the Isrealis and the Palestinians? Closer to home it would seem to be the same process that the 2 unions, Republican and Democrat, use to yield a reasonable and optimum result in the best interest of the American Citizen.
A long time member of a major union who also sits in to negotiate the yearly contract was asked a few questions concerning collective bargaining. The pivotal response given was around the idea that a member with a high paid job sat on the negotiating board and was going to make a decision about the members contract. Seems both negotiating parties had to be nearly equal in economic lifestyles according to my conclusion. Monetary comparisons are the bane of processes. They seduce people to make comparisons that undo that very process and give it no hope. The old saying rings, 'Once it's given it's never given back.'

February 3, 2011...addition
Here is a link to an article from the National Review online, by Victor David Hanson

January 10, 2011...addition..Comments on this site
I am non-violent. This site is designed to bring attention and alarm on issues that to me are out of control and need attention. Our world is of such a nature that this cannot be ignored to be. While I don't believe we should exhibit an unlimited limit of tolerance to swallow everything that happens, politics tends to be showcased in the media etc. as it tweaks the listener, we must engage a level of tolerance that holds us from acting out of frustration or whatever feelings we have that might cause an incident such as in Arizona. This site rejects any intent to motivate the commission of any hostile physical act(s) of violence. Please maintain your concern for issues but realize that the non-violent tools to engage those issues are around. The non-violent tools to maintain those issues are also around. Please examine the issues and choose those non-violent tools you believe support your view(s) about them. Thanks for visiting this site and caring enough to be non-violently pro-active on whatever you believe.

January 6, 2011...addition
Now hear this! The biggest and most obstructive earmark is not labeled as such. Earmarks are essentially a 'you bring home the bacon and I'll vote for you or give you something in return operation'. And the connection between the media and our government is basically the same, a 'feed me campaign money and I'll let you get airtime'. This is actually near extortion. Nonetheless it is an element in our governing that is nothing more than an earmark that networks and spams all politicians directly or indirectly. Just look at the amount of airtime that is devoted to having hosted political shows using those in office, pundits and the like from only Democrats and Republican sources! In fact currently they are going after Tea Party movement people. And they accuse others of witch hunts!!! The media is available to R&D's and the media will do damage control should any potential threat to this status between the usual and only 2 major parties and the media exists. They want it to be maintained as is.
And now to address the trust, faith and confidence in the market, in the government and in major items of interest. Trust, faith and confidence are the last things that should be used in a free capitalist society. Any integrity goes out with any T, F and C application. Using trust, faith and confidence from within is nothing more than an intuitive hunch. A guess by any other description. And the free market based economy will take you to the cleaners, therefore so much for integrity based on intuitive sourced trust, faith and confidence! So, what tool(s) do we have to ensure integrity is there if intuitive based trust, faith and confidence play us for suckers? Well, we do have laws. When a sign that trusts someone to go XX mph shows itself not to work we employ a law or laws. While this may or may not be the best example the fact is if we are to live with ourselves we must police ourselves. So, I'm fed up with listening to the media express it's interpretation of trust, faith and confidence from it's polls and other intuitive sources. The only way to instill integrity is to apply the laws to those major elements of our society that have railroaded us through corrupt activities and practices. A truly free market cannot sustain. We as an intelligent people should know this. The other side will argue about the ideal of a free market that is not worshiped when laws regulate activities that should come from those who engage the system. If they did we wouldn't need to apply laws and regulate. So, whose fault is that? Physician heal thyself and businessman, cleanse thyself. The people should always have the option to employ the laws and regulations necessary once there s corruption. The scary part is that our legal system is open to infiltration and being co-opted to go along with keeping the flock appeased and controlled. I know that isn't very respectful of the legal judicial people but it is a true fact. I certainly commend and respect those who maintain themselves from being co-opted. And that includes the media who may well have some who don't march in lock step with what I have stated here. I only hope they realize that my comments are a concern about those who are complying with situation that undermines any faith trust and confidence from the people. And realize that something needs to be done to address that kind of conduct.

December 18, 2010...addition
Many news stations that broadcast opinion and engage in news reporting using show hosts as pundits such as Anderson Cooper will report the concern about a president's qualification by their birth in such a way that it comes across as some form of deviant inquiry. Of recent the military had an 18 year veteran who as was reported will be dismissed for his insistance on the issue. Truth being the issue has been beaten beyond it's lifespan. But, I have preferred to hear these pundits include in their reporting the fact that a sitting President MUST meet a set of qualifications where one IS that they be a born here American. Just as a policeman can pull you over and request verication that you be driving I support that anyone who holds office produce the required status they MUST meet to serve politically. It should be in the public domain and in their access as on a website or posted as to where it is. Additionally it is known that if you work for the government in the domestic capacity(public school) or in the military you best stay out of and away from politics. You are owned and will jeopardize yourself. As a private citizen it is a different animal.

November 17, 2010...addition
If I might present a scenario for the sake of making a point? We have been in the middle east in Iraq and Afghanistan attempting to eliminate the major terrorist groups who are the source of global concern(s). We coincidentally are there to present democratic freedom to the citizens of those countries. If the end goals were to be achieved right now where those groups were eliminated, democratic freedom was embraced and instituted and one of those countries evolved to become what could be called a sister country to the United States in that it had a Dunkin Donuts on every block, professional sports, it's own Hollywood, upper wealth, middle class, an economy that mirrors ours in better days and a great deal more things we have here do you think they would have any problems with their borders? And if so do you think those here in America who sympathize more with illegal entry would support the new born nation to keep open borders and embrace illegal immigrants after going through what it took to become the free and democratic country it just became? Or should they guard those borders and employ meaningful immigration policy to maintain it's precious newfound identity? Do you think that because of our 1st world comfort some of us find it easy and acceptable to approach illegal immigration with acceptance rather than seeing it as a serious problem calling for serious action(s)/reaction(s)?

November 11, 2010...addition
I did hear President Obama make a sound statement when he said that tax breaks are given to big corporations who then outsource some of their jobs. He intimated that this was in reverse of what was intended where the tax breaks were meant to induce hiring and filling jobs with American citizens here. If then the government also gives tax breaks to American citizens with the intent that they will spend their money here to support jobs here only to find that stores market items from overseas and foreign suppliers resulting in American citizens buying foreign made products then I have to ask how this country can possibly hope for the government to rescue the situation using tax cuts?!? What we need is manufactured goods here sold here from employees who live here. And a government who knows when to when and not call on the American Worker to work 2 or 3 jobs. It's an equation that becomes seriously unbalanced if any of the items stated are not there. Call it rocket science. So be it. I'm a rocket scientist. But this global stretching is clobbering our shrinking economy while we wait for a superhero to come to our rescue.

November 10, 2010...addition
Watched a major cable news network covering some of the new leaders either elected or appointed by the newly elected. Seems there is one in Florida who chose a talk show host to fill a post. According to the cable news host she has made statements regarding illegal immigrants that are over the top. The serious issue of illegal immigratiion has drawn out many who display hateful reaction(s). That isn't what is promoted by those of us who see the illegal entry issue as troubling and not encouraging taking it out on them in violent ways. The situation is such that our response in order to correct might be met with opposition that will attempt to use acts and words of hate to smear concerned citizens from engaging the problem in a civil way. I bring this up from time to time so no one construes what the content of this site is about. I think an element of frustration can find it's way into the fray. I consider that understandable provided it is in acceptable verbal expression form only.

November 09, 2010...addition
Well, the elections here in Connecticut are over. But likely not forgotten. I wish to honor those who stepped up and ran for office wearing party title other than the usual 2 parties. In my town of Chester Connecticut our Selectman, Tom Marsh, campaigned for Governor. And for those who watched the campaign ads and the debates you will notice that Gov. elect Dan Malloy and Tom Foley brought out each others less than disreable deviant records. Channel 8(WTNH) boadcast what should ave been a 3 candidate debate and chose to ignore candidate Tom Marsh. They showcased the 2 miscreants instead. I wonder even now if either of those ads on their distrusting behavior have any truth or teeth? And if so we left behind a cleaner more trusting choice and chose from the 2 contaminated ones.
And we might thank Bridgeport for bringing to light a potential problem. I have heard 1 ballot for 1 registered voter. As I cast my vote(filled out the ballot) I wondered if I made an error would I call for a fresh new clean ballot? As I should be able to? I think 1 ballot for each registered voter is the minimum but not the prudent number. Each town should have a provision to accomodate the voter who calls for a new ballot due to an error. Or maybe it's the photocopy method that Bridgeport used? As I seem to recall, Connecticut, Better Yet!. How about, 'Connecticut, Better Candidates & Elections Yet" We have a ways to go on some stuff.

October 28, 2010...addition
Just to give you an idea of the media's one sided way of looking at things. Last night on I believe it was Anderson Cooper 360 Paul Begala was asking Tea Party Spokeman Sal Russo if his Tea Party were acting in a manner of overthrowing the government which would be treason. I believe Mr. Russo responded that the Tea Party was acting in response to the current political situation. But, it could have been or maybe even should have been stated that treason can be found eminating from the government and being levied on 'We the People' as well as from the people. In which case it is incumbent on us, and stated as such by our Forefathers who gave us our right to bear arms, to defend ourselves against treasonous acts from excessive power in government. May I state once again however, that we do have means to offset and deflect situations from developing that reach those points. And those means include looking at other elected officials from other sources than the 2 parties who currently dominate and monopolize and essentially enslave us through taxation and legislation resulting in them being our overseers and that makes the United States their plantation. I urge you to start looking away and listening more seriously to sources other than those who have had the the microphone and centerstage as well as favorite son status with the media. The media believes in itself so much that it thinks it should be right there in the voting booth when you vote. Your decision should be their decision. Is that the way you think it should be? They do. Do you think there is a principle that should take precedence on this?

October 27, 2010...addition
For those of you who identify with the Reform Party movement I offer the following. Yes, it's a slice of nostalgia. Likely it will trigger the media and others to begin or continue their trash talk about that 3rd party and what it was about. They will try to explain what it was really about and that they really know the truth as they always want you to believe. The media is always your source for everything. Don't trust anyone else but them. Talk about an ego!!!! Did we have an opportunity and miss it? Has it been business as usual and getting the same thing we always get when we vote for one of the same parties we always vote for? Third party is simply looking outside the usual offerring so you don't miss something of value. We the people have a lot to offer and are not wrapped in just 2 political packages. No one has all the answers and nothing is going to be fixed overnight but as many with wisdom would say, it's never too late to start. Anyway, here is that slice of heaven for some of us. And for some who may have just heard about the Reform Party movement it may be an initial introduction;

October 22, 2010...addition
I have always considered it such an important part of being an American Citizen's role to vote. But I have also realized that that is not the only role. And that that role may not be argued sacro sanct. That role is heavily dependent on the following. I make the effort to vote. The day after that effort I see dancing and rejoicing or even on voting night. The day of swearing in I expect to see serving on an honest, noncorrupt, ethical and legal(both) and complete transparency and cooperation in compliance with acceptable behavior. I spend those 4 years performing along those same lines and I expect if not demand that same level for the bar for my elected servant(s). If enough elected servants fall below that bar I cannot vote for an incumbent. And new candidates coming from the same family(party) are likely to operate to the same low standards. Therefore I can understand if not join those who will not be insulted and fooled by a system who portends to represent them through a voting method that falls short of respect. However, it is imperative that we don't just become apathetic. We must join a party and offer the best to attract voters who will be respectfully served.

October 21, 2010...addition
Just a few things to consider during this time of high stakes mid term election sales pitch. Much of which centers around alms for the rich instead of alms for the needy or soon to be needy. William Cohen is an advocate for global economics and defends the loss of jobs(outsourcing) as an illusion to a more complex global economy. I am reminded of those who present their ponzi schemes one that in fact was global and did wind up being a world wind domino take down scheme. Let the buyer(s) beware ends up being the final statement on the topic. The sign should read, Live, Play and WORK with US HERE. A fool and their economy are soon parted.
Double, double, toil and trouble
Fire burn and cauldron bubble
Double, double, toil and trouble
Something wicked this way comes.
And on the issue of the Deleware witch; Not long ago we had a president who consulted numerology, ouji board, astrology or some such before making major decisions. The media could have brought this up and probably more. But from their broadcast recipe book of concoctions they stirred their cauldron up to brew a potion that would cast a spell on Ms. O'Donnell. Media sorcery is an ongoing favorite in elections which may be why candidates don't care to answer questions from them. The League of Women Voters might be the better place for them. Many use witchcraft that aren't offically called out as such and the media might lead the way of all of them. During these and any elections I leave it to you to decide who the 4 line quote above might refer to?

September 22, 2010...addition
A major economic change that helped put us here came from the real estate changes. Across the country there have been changes in the up direction on the minimum building lot size. Here is an example;
I have 10 acres with building lot size minimum of 1/2 acre. Houses go for 50K so I can build 20 houses at 50K=$1,000,000 of real estate sales. Of course I have been paying taxes on the premise of 1/2 acre building lot size. Then the topic of more families increasing school population as well as environmental septic concern results in changing the minimum building lot size to 2 acres. Using this I can only put 5 houses at 50K for $250,000. A $750,000 loss from the change. Real estate doesn't like seeing $750,000 of sales disappear and the associated commission(s). The town looks at the taxes and sees their tax base lose as well. So, houses then balloon to $200K to keep a status quo. However, the sales market is reduced to only persons who could support the mortage of those houses. So, maybe only 3 get passed on to mortgage holders. The other 2 need help. That help comes in the form of manipulation of the cedit qualifications. So, those last 2 go to someone who doesn't have the same sound qualifications as the other 3. Keep in mind that all 5 houses could fall into the manipulated credit concept making the mortgage holders more shakey than solid.
Moving along the 3 house that appear solid suddenly become shakey due to a deceptive economy and a high end sales market due to the skyrocketed price of the houses!! The economy doesn't take the same skyrocket jump to keep pace so the houses are foreclosed or need refinancing which is a terrible thing t have to do. It extends the mortgage burden and puts true ownership further and further away.
If the houses had stayed at 50K the economy would have supported them on either lot size because it could. The change in lot size and subsequent self serving price hiking placed the houses in a precarious mortage situation related to the economy. In addition anyone who might have been able to finance the 50K has to look at condos or whatever(glorified barracks) and hope they can save for the house they dream of. But, the condos and other domeciles ratchet up in sync with the real estate. So, the dream of the home shrinks to an apartment, condo or whatever. And as a person once said, an apartment is a reminder you are 1 or 2 rooms away from homeless. And that folks is a major contributer to this situation. An unsustainable change or changes that 'We the People' had thrust on us.

September 17, 2010...addition
WASHINGTON ( -- President Obama announced Friday that he's appointing Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren to a key role crafting the consumer financial protection bureau that was her idea in the first place.
Ms. Elizabeth Warren has been named to the above. You will see the news make unfavorable comments about her with the argument that she will hurt consumers and whoever else they choose to apply to their media slight of reporting. It's said that Ms Warren doesn't like Wall Street as well as the President. But the proper way to state that is that they don't like the Wall Street that operated the way it did for Enron and a pretty long list of corporations that used a hoax or hoax-like model to entice or Pied Piper investors. Keep in mind President Bush wanted to place our Social Security into the hands of these people!!! Ms. Warren and the President like Wall Street but not the one that just got finished giving we Americans a financial flogging. Look for the reporting tone and you will find that the media will try everything to prop up a fully free to operate Wall Street as they have no sense that the economy ran rough shod over working Americans and needs to be sent to their room without supper at the least!! Ms Warren brings credentials that support keeping the economy sustainable by and for all. She doesn't need adversity but I suspect she will get it. If you feel you support her please do so however you can.

On another note, the media has reported that there are homes foreclosed on from persons who bought them and watched their value realign itself not to their liking. So they consensually decide to let the house be foreclosed on passing it back to a bank for resale. Ask yourself if these people really needed this house as a home or a commodity to trade, buy and sell? They will need a place to live but are deciding to walk away!!!!? Methinks they never bought the house in the 1st place to use as a home. Maybe a 2nd home but isn't it nice that it's value is rocketing up. Well, they should go and the house should be offerred to persons needing a home and place to live 1st over and above the resale value. Once again the media colors show and they support inconsiderate uncontrolled marketing of things that are nothing short of needed and necessary. Real estate to me is a public utility that needs to be overseen.

September 3, 2010...addition
For those who watch Countdown hosted by Keith Olbermann here are comments regarding his show of Friday morning EST(the time I viewed it). Of the things he covered he showed Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to be mistaken on a statement made in a party primary debate. While she may well have been wrong in her statement Mr. Olbermann referenced Gov. Brewer as Anti Immigrant. I believe he may be wrong himself as she is Anti Open Border and Anti Illegal Immigrant. I would think there are legal immigants living in Arizona and I would need proof she is Anti Immigrant and not falling for a comment that comes from a news commentary program meant to fit in with it's agenda.

August 20...addition
To add to the August 13th posting; Arizona Governor Paul Begala; Arizona Governor Anderson Cooper;
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer=YES

August 13, 2010...addition
For those of you who have been watching Anderson Cooper 360 here is the take I come away with until further notice;
Sheriff Anderson Cooper, Sheriff Paul Begala, Sheriff Joe Arpaio=YES

July 29, 2010...addition
The Honorable Susan Bolton is a federal judge for the United States District Court for the District of Arizona and has ruled on SB1070, a current soon to go into effect Arizona Law addressing THEIR problem which the Federal Government has failed to address as well as dragged it's feet on for FAR TOO LONG!! Yes, there are those who feel this law is unjust, illegal and the state of Arizona has no rite to enact and apply this law. ALL STATES should be paying attention as the Judge's ruling might well be of a nature on any state!!!! Arizona is to illegal immigration as the Alamo was to Texas Independence. One state of a country, that calls itself The United States of America, against an entire country assaulting it by breaking into that state!! Where the Alamo got no help it now appears that Arizona will not get any as well. But they will get adversity and resistance from a litigious legal system more interested and perhaps consumed by the power vested in it in addressing how to approach the hostile actions and ramifications of illegal immigration. The Arizona law is in the hands of it's law enforcement who roam the trenches occupied by those who came in without any respect or consideration of our law(s). But now they find the legal system useful as it comes to their rescue on a claim of misuse of a law!!! Is there more coming to add to this mind boggling, stupifying address of a state's problem issue and dire need of support?

July 26, 2010...addition
It came to my attention via a woman I know who has lived in Arizona for some time of a death that appears to be at the hands of an illegal border crossing alien. Here is a link to the NY Times article;
Ranchers Alarmed by Killing Near Border courtesy of the NY Times
And there are more articles on the internet if you search the victim's name.
And I also include here a World Net Daily article from 2002 on the killing of a 28 year old Arizona Park Ranger;
Border killing points up security lack courtesy of World Net Daily
Please realize that Arizona is not reacting with a knee jerk. They have been absorbing the border dilemma for some time now as you can tell from the above. It has become a serious liability to Arizona and the security of it's citizens. Their actions are not hasty. They have been patient. But patience have run out and they are now taking their own action. From the horrific record of border incidents can they be faulted?

July 25, 2010...addition
To their credit, the company I work for posts a statement in large letters;

When you depend on someone else you can find yourself in a compromise on most things that become issues due to consequences. That's not freedom. That's influence. We should be reducing our dependency and thus excessive external influence. I have been told that some Scandanavian countries years ago found sources of food from other countries. Therefore they began to reduce farms and the farmed lands by developing them for other non-food producing uses. When the war(WW1 or WW2) came their dependent sources went away for good reasons. Those countries that developed farmland for uses other than food production near starved. So, those countries adopted a plan(possibly law) that saves any farms and farmland from being developed. They keep their sources internal to prevent adverse dependency(ies).

July 20, 2010...addition
With all the news shows such as John King USA and the like you would think our political landscape is rocket science!!! Shows such as JK USA treat you as a simpleton needing to be nursemaided through the stuff. Granted, the politcal lanscape is a maze of useless among the useful. So, it is somewhat complex by confusion from contamination. But, only if you ignore the path of common sense. That path isn't rocket science and not designed to supply extraneous stuff you have to identify. Like a novel that has more in it than is needed you have to get over or around it. Or go for the version that isn't contaminated with all the extra distractions. We need jobs, SUSTAINABLE jobs in a sustainable economy with people living sustainable lifestyles. Last part is our reponsibility. Haven't heard anyone ask where the jobs went? Like building a sandcastle right on the shore. The water comes in and slowly washes it away. So, you keep puting it back up. But, that's not the solution. You just keep doing that over and over forever. People in the castle have to be asking why the castle isn't moved or some action taken to negate the water washing it away and constantly rebuilding. I say fix the problem that is causing the economy to tank and jobs to go wherever they go. I don't like doing something over and over UNLESS, I am getting paid well, have power, my retiremnt is taken care of and the jobs problem doesn't effect me like the citizens I am supposed to represent. Whose profile could that be!!??

July 15, 2010...addition
I listened to a John King USA interview with an NAACP representaive and a Tea Party candidate, Tim Scott. The charge made was that of racism in the Tea Party. Please be aware of the motive behind this. I would be surprised if either Republican or Democrat Parties were devoid of any racism present. In our country we tolerate the good the bad and the ugly until they have to be dealt with. That makes their presence a certainty. Given that we all hae a rite to vote and be informed if not become active members of parties bring their baggage with them. Of which none is necessarily promoted by a party. Unsavory people have access to them polls and do vote. Mr. Scott addressed the charges with his own defense and I do not speak for him here. But, after seeing what the media and organizations can do to movements in politics as well as emerging parties I feel a measure of anger that needs an outlet. Please be mindful of the efforts that are afoot to destroy the competition. Go to a Tea Party event. Find out for yourself. And if you see someone you might think is unacceptable keep in mind that our elections are open and as such our rite to assemble, be informed and vote. Be advised however that the accepting of funds from sources can be problematical as it may well encourage future decision(s) regarding the source!!!

May 17, 2010...addition
Lot of talk about the 'remove the incumbent' attitude on the pundit shmooze shows in the media. Here is the skinny on this from my view; The only incumbency in OUR elections is US,'WE THE PEOPLE'. By that I mean when an election declares the person with the most votes that person wins for US, not themselves, not for the party, not for corporate America, not for anyone except US. But, if they are allowed to cogregate and form party's, connect with corporate America and find themselves seduced by another aspect of America other than you and I they will be winning for reasons other than us. Oh they'll say they won for us but we will be down the list. Much of this is because as a re-lected incumbent time after time they begin to act with an overdose of confidence. And for their organized party as well. The identity that they are winning for US, serving US and must reject any other intruder who causes us to be backburnered can only be reinstated by voting out incumbents voting in new leaders with a fresh and less contaminated attitude.

May 16, 2010...addition
Ever find yourself living with something you don't like? Say for example you like(not love) cats and have some you chose(invited) but some other cats find their way in(uninvited) and your spouse strongarms you into living with them. Maybe when you express your dislike for those uninvited cats your spouse jumps to the claim that you are now a cat hater. To make the situation more like the illegal immigrant situation add the fact that the cats are illegal/uninvited due to an agreement with your spouse about how cats come in. But your spouse and family all come down on you when you cite the agreement(law). Of course what you don't like is the cats being uninivited and in violation of the agreement and not a cat hater. Lets say the people down the street were found to be trying to cleanse the world of a certain type of cat but were thwarted by families allying themselves against them. Your family then stoops to use slander tactics that put you in with those people and charge you with being a cat hater. There you have the situation. The added cats will need attention in addition to those there already. There are some consequences that your family intentionally ignores. When you feel you have no control you can become frustrated. Frustration can then move to taking actions.

May 7, 2010...addition
I would like to pass on a perspective. When watching and listening, taking in, network news shows such as CNN, Fox or any networks who have a specific host/commentator be aware that they are unlike any campaign infomercial where the subject steps up and states they approve of the message. These networks will sport network correspondences, Republican and Democratic Strategists and sources they approve of. Even former yadda yadda yadda if they are considered fuel for their cause. And one of their causes appears to be to trample on 3rd party equal rights by ignoring them!!! They never have 3rd or alternate party strategists, representatives or the like in equal amount. So, be very cautious about giving those network stations who schmooze you to seeing only 2 parties and tossing out an other consideration. The media itself might be a 3rd party who works for the only other 2 parties. John King of CNN is enough, maybe too much!!

May 6, 2010...addition
I heard it reported on a major network about the Stock Market dropping/falling 600 points in 7 minutes. The intent of this is to draw some feeling of alarm.
May I state that a jump of 600 points in 7 minutes would likely be reported by the networks as something to celebrate? But my feeling is it too is cause for alarm!!! Someone is likely tampering with the controls!!! And it is a signal of economic devastation en masse. Are we smart or what?

May 5, 2010...addition
Here is a link to a response to a question presented to my Representative here in District 2 of Connecticut, Rep. Joe Courtney. I place a link to it here for you to read. As you read down you will come to the following staement;
When I took office I promised not to accept taxpayer subsidized health insurance, a benefit offered to all Members of Congress, until Americans had access to affordable quality care. Three years later, I have kept that promise and have not enrolled in taxpayer subsidized Congressional health plan. Throughout the course of the debate on this legislation, I committed to joining those I serve in the health insurance reforms created through this legislation -- even promising to enroll in the public option that was included in the House-passed version. While the final bill contains no government run "public option," like many Americans I, along with my staff, will seek out private health insurance coverage from an Exchange beginning in 2014.
For me to place oneself where I am Rep. Courtney would have to sign a legal document along with witnesses stating that he is permanently removed from the list of eligible Congressional members who have the CHOICE to take or leave taxpayer subsidized health care with no option to undo this and return his name to that or any list of such. This would place him where we are. As long as he stands there with a taxpayer subsidized health care plan as an OPTION and I'm standing there without the same thing then no matter what he chooses he has special health care treatment as a CHOICE. His option not to take the plan does NOT place him where I am. I am on a bus I cannot get off of. While he may be on my bus he CAN get of it. We are NOT THE SAME.

Here is the link;
Rep. Courtney Response to Constituent Question: "If the recently passed health care bill is so wonderful and everyone is required to buy in, why are members of congress exempt? I would think they would jump right in to prove to the American public what a great bill this really is."

May 02, 2010...addition
Does anyone feel about immigration the following way? For years the laws have been intact about immigration. So, how did this get this way? We had responsible elected representation, right? Our neighbors who have the greatest respect for us certainly wouldn't think of needing us to have these laws, right? So, my question is, where are the apologies for bringing this situation on so I can express my concern on it and be smeared by the media and others as if I WERE THE BAD GUY!!!! Of all the protests have any of the protesters stated that in spite of their strong feelings about the Arizona law just passed they offer the state of Arizona an apology for that state to have to deal with this situation which should not have evolved to this?!!! That state and all Americans who feel that the solution to this is to stand firm and apply law didn't deserve this to happen. Amnesty is a surrender. To those Americans who have found themselves supporting Arizona and whatever it takes to correct this ignorance and negligence of government only to find themselves slighted and smeared as hateful and of an anti-immigration belief we deserve an apology for being placed in this undeserved position. On that I believe there should be no amnesty or forgiveness on elected officials and they must be voted out. Voting them back is an amnesty on their irresponsible lack of actions on this now major conundrum that attempts to make me the fall guy when the government is the real culprit. Government heal thyself or I(we) will!!!

April 28, 2010...addition
The news is reporting about McGrath Alaska and a gas station owner charging $9/gallon, a jump of $3!!! Let's recall that the media charges BIG TIME for their(our) airwaves time and rake it in during elections. Remember that before you donate or who you donate to!! Very self serving. I find it hypocritical that they are reporting this story along the lines of excessive charging.

April 22, 2010...addition
Here's the latest. Keith Oberman, who I have held in a positive light, now has dimmed the light. He had an Arizona Representative commenting negatively about an Arizona law passed that enables law enforcement to request a person to produce documentation justifying and qualifying their residing in the United States. I hope I have that accurate? He appeared to agree with the AZ. Rep. that it would invite racial profiling. If you look at the situatiion and the landscape it presents an unavoidable situation where the problem addressed has shown a pattern of dominating appearance. Therefore, profiling is produced by the landscape and the problem situation and ignoring it is counter to the evidence.
Arizona also has now passed a law requiring candidates to include evidence of their status to verify their qualification for candidacy. This has been likened, along with the 1st paragraph here, to World War II where our enemy asked for your papers. Be it known that the bad guys aren't stupid and they do employ acceptable smart actions. If they didn't they would have lost the war quickly and be called stupid for not asking for someone's papers. I can't tell you how many activities require identification for purpose. Both Mr. Oberman and John King appear to support immigration reform but don't agree with the Arizona laws. I have no problem being asked for my identification. In fact as I came home from work one day the news vehicle was parked on the street along with a policeman who wanted to see my identification. I willingly complied as I saw no reason for opposition and to protest. The formula that targets against addressing our immigration problems denies it having any real fix.

April 21, 2010...addition
It's easy to watch stuff you agree with. So, I watch what the adversity is up to. John King USA on CNN likes to tell you the most important person you don't know. May I feed off that and respond with my version of The Most Important Person You Don't Know. The answer is YOU, the VOTER. And the media and polls try like the blazes of h__l to know you(us) because for that one day, election day, we(you and I) are The Most Important Person They Don't Know, but would like to. After that one day you go from The Most Important to the nuisance I have to explain myself to. Polls on the other hand are like a rash that won't go away. Having said what I just did why do we give credibility to the Republican and Democrat? You might think you're voting for the best person but if they come in the Republican or Democrat container then it's the basic fundamental party template you(we) have gotten and will get. The only thing they are bipartisan about is keeping 3rd parties away or distant and keeping their monopolistic status in running the show their way. Please keep this in mind. Don't be led by polls and statistics. The R's and D's get a whole lot of help from the media and the polls in sculpting 3rd parties as demons and painting the R's and D's as saviors.

April 16, 2010...addition Letter To the Editor(New London Day)
I read this 'Letter To the Editor' in the New London Day. It struck me!! So, I am reposting it here with a link to the New London Day page They get credit as well as Mr. John Alexander of Old Lyme for the composition.
The New London Day
All citizens need a little skin in the game to fund U.S.

I've contributed to the Social Security Trust Fund for 60 years, even while Congress changed the trust fund to a debt fund - an unfunded liability of $16 trillion.

AARP was effective in gaining Medicare protection from health expenses and prescription drug expenses - another $88 trillion of unfunded debt. My elderly entitlements became the third rail of politics and remain so.

From 2003-06, the number of people paying no federal income tax increased from 31 percent to 41 percent. What will our democracy be like when a majority of citizens pay no taxes?

In the current economy, April 15 could be considered "Freeloader's Power Day."

President Barack Obama tells us that national "wants" should be paid for by those with high incomes.

It will be too late when freeloaders become the majority, grant themselves their wants and pass the check to us.

All they need is a community organizer. Or do they already have one?

Every citizen must have some "skin in the game" of funding our nation. We must progressively flatten our progressive tax code, move from some contribution to the nation's expenses to something like Steve Forbes' "flat tax."

And returning Congress to the constitutional scope of its legislative mission could bring necessary frugality.

April 15, 2010...addition
CNN's John King states that 47% of Americans don't pay taxes. I've also heard 41%. In any case they are soundbytes with no caveat as to where that statistic derives from and the explanation of who these 41% or 47% are. It wasn't reported that 47% or qualified taxpayers don't pay. Young adults and children certainly don't pay due to their age. And there are others as well whose status is in the obvious. And is this throughout the year of in paying on April 15th? Did this data come from the IRS or the Census information? The TV is a one way element that eminates from unknown sources.

John King also reported that in 1985 there were 27% of taxpayers angry, a % that were neutral and othersb satisfied. Anotherwards grouping as per their feelings. Then he reported those same catagories for 20__? Leaving the listener to interpret this as a marked change. ut change can only be extracted from data that came from the same source. I rest my case. John King said nothing about how many were polled ad if they were they same source. April, 14, 2010...addition...whadaya think, food for thought?
There is a lot of discussion about NASA and the space program as well as others and if and how to finance them. May I offer the following on behalf of 'We the People'. We frequently here about a crop such as oranges or whatever that had a bad year. So, the price goes up.
WELL!! 'We the People' or at least some of us have had a bad crop or even crop failure altogether. I for one did not get any raise of anykind or benefit increase. In fact benefit cost went up. WELL!! I guess if you want your program, if at all, you will have to do it with less or don't do it at all. Sorry, small crop this year. This situation goes full circle.

April 1, 2010...addition...
Our politicians/representatives ignore/hesitate and someone pays the price.
I have the link to a website of a young boy/man whose life ended unjustly in a automobile accident. The automobile that hit him was driven by an illegal alien. He broke in and obtained documentation!! The following website is dedicated to the young victum. Please read the account from the link here;

Who Was Dustin Inman?

March 31, 2010...addition
I have found an article about an Arizona Rancher who was murdered by someone who illegally broke into his ranch(property) and stole forever the most precious thing he had, LIFE. This is not a single stand alone incident. Our fellow Americans cannot live in security along our southern border. The legal and enforcement dynamics that can secure our borders are missing!! They are even intentionally excused and ignored by our elected representation.
Slain Arizona rancher mourned by friends, neighbors
Death is blamed on failure by U.S. to secure the border
from the Arizona Republic

March 24, 2010...addition, You First
In a speech about the Health Care Bill passed President Obama intimated we aspire and never say we can't accomplish etc. An old adage that is used as a prop and in pep talks. May I challenge him to live up to his very words by closing our borders, removing those who have broken into our country, instituting meaningful campaign finance reform, elliminating pork in bills and keep the base only, getting rid of earmarks, telling lobbyists to take a hike, remove the socialized health care that politicians enjoy and get them into the main stream health care everyone is offered and anything else you can think that treats them like royalty. We deplore the concept of royalty as it is dictatorial at best. And how about opening up the system to a real government of the People, by the People and for the People by, as Ronald Reagan said, 'Mr. President, take down that wall'. The one or ones that deny a third party it's equal rights. And as Ted Knight said in Caddy Shack, 'Well, we're waiting?!'

March 17, 2010...addition
Here is a link to a Hartford Courant article on a Regional Sales Tax;
Mayors Asking For A Regional Sales Tax

Not enough? Try this link;

Here is a link to a Yahoo Group;
Reform Connecticut

March 16, 2010...addition
We are creature of the now, consequently we will go along with a promise to pay(credit) to satisfy our 'now' impulse. Sometimes that 'now' impulse does span a bit of time. But, eventually it sells itself to us on that promise to pay(credit). The business world takes that and baits us ad-infinitum and nada conscience. Why not a cash economy with a promise to pay 'IF YOU REALLY NEED THE ITEM or SERVICE'.
Our government should be user friendly and should always be out of horrific debt ready to serve us. How did we get here? Business is NOT USER FRIENDLY. I believe they set this landscape. Healthcare, education, real estate, automobiles, energy, insurance and any of a number of elements have shown themselves as anything but 'USER FRIENDLY'. Even our elections have now become an enormous money laundering activity. That's not user friendly to me!!!! And I am proud to say I heard Michael Moore(many don't like him) express his dismay that money hasn't been removed from our government and business relations. And that it is the poison that causes the problems we have. Let's get the 2 parties out. I urge you to vote 3rd Party. At least get a 3rd party in on a level ground to offer the 2 parties some real check and balance. While you visit the Perot Charts website try this link as well;
U.S. National Debt Clock

Thank you

March 15, 2010...addition
Here is a link to Perot Charts that will give you the Perot Perspective on whatever issue you might wonder about. In this case Health Care is a current issue;
Say Goodbye to Healthcare as We Know It

March 14, 2010...addition
For all who know and maybe don't know we lost a great woman and great advocate activist. But in her honor I am hopeful that her spirit lives on. I was first introduced to a woman known at the time as 'Granny D'. She had taken on the task of bringing awareness to the insidious influence of money in our political system. Specifically our election/re-election campaigns. I came to know her real name as Doris Haddock and had the privilege of being present at the Reform Party Convention in Long Beach Cal. to hear her speak. And what a speech!! As all her speeches were. May I offer my condolences to her Family and her many Friends. On a personal note she has given me motivation to express myself and persue Campaign Finance Reform. Here is a link to her website. I also want to pass on special thanks to Dennis Burke who chaparoned Ms. Haddock on her pilgrimage and wherever she needed his presence. Here is a link to her website;

Granny D Website

March 8, 2010...addition
Isn't it interesting, 'We the People' are supposed to be able to determine if our politicians(Republican & Democrat) are telling the truth! Or are they contriving dissention based on their personal party allegiance rather than an allegiance to us. Try the Health Care issue. We need to be hearing from a group that is NOT in the political arena but in the real world arena. I suspect health care needs it's own health addressed. Both parties bring their party label with them wherever they go and on whatever they discuss. It is a bias they cannot run or hide from. And the concept of bipartisan won't work either. We need a group of normal, common citizens who can present an unbiased and honest health care status. The 911 commission was such as I understand. However, our politicians, Senator Lieberman for one, overturned at least one or more of the commissions recommendations. So, notwithstanding, the end result is always coming from the 2 self proclaimed groups who monopolize the system and dictate all decisions. Yes, the word is dictate and possibly dictatorship might fit as well!!!

March 4, 2010...addition, Can you say, I told you so?
Senator Jim Bunning has had a 'Ross Perot' moment. Maybe an epiphany? Seems he was awakened to find that government spending is and has been out of control. He is now aware that the National Debt is 'unsustainable'. He stated he has 9 children and 40 grandchildren who he fears will inherit this debt!! That is a personal expression whereas he is a public aservant. I would have felt better had he added in that there are many Americans who fear this as well. I didn't hear him express this although I'm pretty certain he would have. It was just an oversight. Or maybe I missed him including it?

We heard about the runaway National Debt from Ross Perot quite some time ago. The government theory getting into this was that money will trickle down while ignoring the debt gushing like a geyser. And that theory appears to be in affect to the present as well. Senator Bunning now sees this. He is also now the recipient of the way they vote. They know who is going to vote and how before the fact. Then they know who and how after the fact. Before the vote they all become lobbyists and lobby each other. Having your vote revealed can cause retaliation and make congressional life uneasy. Of course the news media has a field day with this and couldn't care less as long as it plays out as someone's dirty laundry. Having said what I just said I must add a thumbs up for Senator Bunning. It is his right to vote and stand his ground. The economic woes came from a source or sources. The source or sources need to be dealt with. This is a cyclic event where business runs up the cost of living beyond the capacity to support it. Then they respond by laying off people. They may maintain their level of income rather than use some of it to keep those employed who got them there. And some may take a bonus!! Meanwhile, our government, that's us, coughs up the booty to carry the unemployed. I might also add that college tuition goes up. Where do these instituions exist? Must not be connected to the economy we have, otherwise they would reflect it in lowering their tuition etc. or go under. Go under works for me. It weeds out the weak.

So, thank you Senator Jim Bunning albeit a long time for you to hear Ross Perot's message. The boat was sinking then but now we are much lower in the water. And woudn't it have been the most timely for the Senator to act in this way at a time when Conress is voting on their congressional raise in salary and/or benefits!!!!

I do feel that those who are in need at this time deserve help. I feel it wasn't their fault they are where they are. Enron and those big corporations who manipulated investments played a major role which was outside the common person's control. And there were likely other factors as well.

March 2, 2010...addition
Once again a radio station reports a survey result that spams all. It states that from a survey 28% of Americans blah blah blah. I may be off on my figure there. Any survey that samples can only state the results from the sample size. And they must report the sample size. Including those who refused to answer as part of the survey. It shows the resistance or acceptance of the survey attempt on topic. Never or frequently surveys are thumbnail reported. No sample size or demographic is revealed. I strongly hold contempt for polling and surveys that don't give the full picture. By doing so the recieving group is left to deduce from the preformatted report. Likely to do so in a way they might prefer. A form of designer polling and surveying used to sculpt and contrive a specific end resulting view.

February 5, 2010...addition
Mayor Bloomberg defends big Bonuses For Wall Street. He defends these regardless of their bad behavior evidently. Forgetting all about that it has gone on for far longer than it hasn't which is why it's not currently on a runaway elevator to the top as it was for at least a decade and maybe 2 decades!!!! It needs to spend all it's time behaving as it should. In essence Wall Street is saying, Let us have the big bonuses and we'll cut you in on the action!. Mayor Bloomberg is in a position to be, 'On the take' so to speak!! His argument and reasoning he wants us to buy into is the old 'Trickle Down Economics' gimmick!!! And, not surprising as the rest of the world believes we Americans are easily bought that he sees income from them with no concern about it's source thus reinforcing the world's view of us.

January 30, 2010...addition
On the radio I heard the proverbial statement that entrepenuers are bright and gutsy. Stated also was that they may not all be as bright but they are all gutsy. They provide jobs. Therefore any attack on anything they do is counter productive. Thus we are their slaves and hostages? May I offer the following commentary about this view and attempt to permit big corporation to continue to 'stick it to us' because they have the bright and gutsy license to do so!!!
The creature on life support is The United States, that's us. We are the host. Businesses and entreprenuers are the leeches that attach to the host on the premise of doing good with their vision and desire of endless leeching married to the bold attitude that they cannot be denied. They can and do until the host is drained so far that it is on life support. The workers who make up the host work for the leeches and for awhile the host benefits as does the leech. But when resources swing toward the depeleted level(s) for the host the leeches hoard their booty, lay off the host members and cry for assistance from the host governing body. The leeches could keep host members employed by paying them from it's bloated booty(BIG CEO Bonuses & the like), which would maintain both the host and the leech since the members pay does get spent back to the leech keeping the symbioticness of the system intact. But, the leeches and parasites don't do that and make the argument that the host cannot live without them and the awesome contribution they make to the host.
The host could enage the parasites and leeches but they funnel back some of the booty to the governing body and present the view that this a stipend for supporting the status quo. Hence nothing is done and the host members are doomed to cycle through a life and death struggle where they are burdened to shoulder the brunt of the one sided cyclic result of the economic blood letting.
One interesting axiom that might apply is the one I hear from the educational institutions on their cost. They say the good ones will find a way to get the money. One might apply this to the business world of leeches and parasites who find themselves in dire straits. The good ones will find a way to perpetuate without help ala devious lobbying practices. I might state that that way they should have integrity and be acceptablely honest.

January 27, 2010...addition featured, Elizabeth Warren(Professor at Harvard Law School, Chairwoman On the Conressional Oversight Committee On TARP) On the Daily Show w/John Stewart

Elizabeth Warren On the Daily Show Video

Elizabeth Warren On the Daily Show Video from The Daily Show website

January 24, 2010...addition
There are religious people of various denominations and persuasions. There are nonrelgious people as well. But, for the sake of a consideration on the recent Suopreme Court ruling where they equate businesses with individuals such as you and I, I offer the following for consideration;
We are all aware of the description of how the human race began that has Adam & Eve as the protagonists and the devil as the antagonist. May I offer the following;
In the beginning God realized something. He needed entities free of his will. So he created a paradise, the Garden of Eden, and placed a creation he called Adam Incorporated there. This was fine for awhile but then Adam Inc. expressed it's need for a companion. So God reached into the body of Adam Inc. and removed a CEO rib. From this he created Eve Incorporated and things were harmonious for sometime. The Garden contained the Tree of Wall Street. He forbade Adam Inc. and Eve Inc. from tasting the fruit, forbidden fruit.

As some time after the beginning an angel, soon to be fallen and transformed to the antagonist, was consumed by the idea of grabbing all the holy power in Heaven. The angel planned this by introducing a commercial enterprise that would eventually find the other angels losing their rights to any appreciable amount of grace and power. He argued that yet more commercialism and competition would make Heaven a better place. God saw this as undesirable and banished him to of all places, the Garden of Eden.
In time the Antagonist Fallen Angel and Eve Inc. encountered each other. The Fallen Angel saw it's chance to generate a business atmosphere of his liking. He tempted or advertised the Tree of Wall Street to Eve Inc. Eve Inc. bought into his advertising, tasted the fruit of the Tree of Wall Street and endorsed the tree's fruit to Adam Inc. as well who also tasted the forbidden fruit. When God saw what had taken place he scolded Adam Inc. and Eve Inc. and banished them fom the Garden to another new place whereby a world would evolve from their ingesting of the forbidden fruit. They would experience inflation, deflation, employment, unemployment, welfare, taxes of all kinds, stocks, bonds, day trading, derivitives, losses and profits at others expense and a host of other market descriptives.
But for a few wrinkles in that presentation that would be the version that the Supreme Court would have us accept. I never used the word 'Capitalism' in the description but you might find it fits in somewhere.
So, what do you think?

January 21, 2010...addition - Campaign Finance Law Undone!!! Free Speech Is Not Free, You Must Have $$$ & Buy It.
Accordingly to this recent Supreme Court ruling on 'free speech' being money and corporations being like individuals the Supreme Court version of the bible has 2 corporations propagating the human race(you and I) in place of the 2 individuals we have been led to believe did so. Whadda ya think? Is somebody trying to pull a fast one here? It would seem that instead of the corporations writing letters, making phone calls and what the normal citizen would do they want the citizen to use the corporation method of expression!! Think you can match them? Even if you could do you think that is the way it should be?
If you felt a movement in the 'force' you have good reason to believe, yes there was a movement. And here it is;
In a just handed down ruling by the Supreme Court, who can make Supreme good decisions and Supreme bad decisions, just voted to undo the Campaign Finance Law. Here is the quote from the Open Secrets website;
The Supreme Court, in session this morning, is releasing its rulings on the landmark campaign finance case Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

Early reports indicate the court's rulings will indeed rewrite federal campaign finance law, particularly as it applies to corporate and union independent expenditures.
And here is the aticle from the L.A. Times;
Supreme Court OKs unlimited corporate spending on elections

It would appear that you cannot rely on the Supreme Court to be there on Campaign Finance at this time. Open Secrets and some orgaqnizations will follow the money trail and provide transparency. Transparency for all it's worth will require a lot of investigating for them and you. In fact it has been found when trying to track the money in universities and colleges that it is a lost cause as it becomes too complex. And that is what they want, to be able to say that they aren't hiding. But, the maze is so convoluted that you will be frustrated and give up leaving them to a money grab.

So, how do we hold them accountable? Not a mystery. At the election polls and in the voting booth. Make them crawl and beg on knees for your vote. But, vote 3rd party!!!! That's the accountability they fear with real fear.

I hear so many Americans speak ill and distrusting of government. They don't like the way they govern and don't want them running things because they are more failure than success. And who are they? YES, Democrats and Republicans!! And who goes back in every time? YES, Democrats and Republicans. People from those parties!!! Why do we put people back we distrust from the same source(s)?!?! Go 3rd party!! What's to lose? What's to gain? Can you say nothing that isn't lost already and everything to gain?

Quoted from the L.A. Times on the 1907 law;
The restriction dates to 1907, when President Theodore Roosevelt persuaded Congress to forbid corporations, railroads and national banks from putting money into federal races. After World War II, Congress extended the ban to labor unions. More recently, the McCain-Feingold Act in 2002 added an extra limit on corporate and union-funded broadcast ads in the month before an election. Such ads were prohibited if they even mentioned a candidate running for office.

Thursday's decision swept away all of these restrictions.

Here is your Supreme Court team decision breakdown;
    Overturn the 1907 law
    Chief Justices..
  • Anthony M. Kennedy
  • Clarence Thomas
  • John G. Roberts Jr.
  • Antonin Scalia
  • Samuel A. Alito Jr.
    Uphold the 1907 law
    Chief Justices..
  • Ruth Bader Ginsberg
  • Stephen G. Breyer
  • Sonia Sontamayor
  • John Paul Stevens
Supreme Court of the United States
Biographies of Current Justices

Bottom line on this is the media wants the BIG MONEY from campaign finance to keep coming their way.

January 19, 2010...addition
Please click on the Reform Party National link here. You will find the party's platform and General & Values surveys and much more to introduce you to an alternative to the Democrat and Republican governance.
Reform Party of the United States of America

January 18, 2010...addition
Here are(is) some update(s) on Reform Party activities;

RPUSA Member on OP ED

Mr. Charles Faddis is a recently joined Reform party organizer. He brings a strong set of skills to our organization due to his background as a retired CIA operations officer, former assistant state attorney general, and his own private consulting work. He is also the author/coauthor of two books on the CIA and the need for reforms.

His most recent Op Ed on discusses the causes and impact of the recent deaths of seven CIA officers in Afghanistan. Both of his books are available on Amazon.

Mr. Charles Faddis OP-ED

RPUSA Chairman in the DC area February 17-20.

Email for more information if you are in the VA/MD/DC area and would like to schedule a meeting.

January 17, 2010...addition
One of the resources available is a weekly internet broadcast by hostess Pat Benjamin from the "Michael Venditti Studios" of

Philadelphia's Renaissance Radio Station
1360 AM

The Independent Voice Hostessed by Pat Benjamin

Pat's weekly shows are archived at this website and available for you with the appropriate software. I downloaded the necessary software on the spot to listen to the January 13th interview of the Reform Party Chair, David Collison. Just click the 'Listen Now' icon and follow the options through. If anyone is looking toward an alternative to the Democrat and Republican form of governing Pat's weekly broadcasts can be informative and helpful. She has experience and knowledge from her involvement with the Reform Party and Ross Perot.

January 17, 2010...addition - Reform Party update.
Many Americans have been and are concerned about the people and parties who govern their country. Specifically the Democrats and Republicans. Some have found the philosyphy, platform and principles of another party to their preference. Sometime back the Reform Party recognized the need for their philosyphy, platform and principles to be represented in a party atmosphere. So they organized. However, people have a propensity to dissent. And for far too long the dissention hindered the party from meaningful representation. Without any hope of any common ground and subsequent unification of the dissenting factions to have an identity our legal system was the only recourse to achieve this. The courts have recently upheld the activities of one to be the occupier of the national political party known as the Reform Party. I will be posting information regarding their activities and tracking their movement. In these times on issues of dire concern, some that have been here for a long time, many feel that the Reform Party should exist and that the RP has the most sincere approach to these issues.
Currently main goals are to see states across the country organize under the political banner of Reform Party. Please bookmark this site to find out what organizers here in Ct. are doing. We've seen far too much negativeness and dissention. We now need positive and coordinated involvement.

January 14, 2010...addition
For those who are concerned about career politicans may I pass on the following information;
Peggy Rogers is a candidate for the Republican nomination to run against Rosa DeLauro in the 3rd Congressional District. You can visit her candidate website at;
Peggy Rogers For Congress

January 9, 2010...addition
The media is using the term 'horse trading' to justify by that title our political representatives actions in their voting activities. For myself it is essentially manipulation by insider trading. Each tipping each others hand to exchange cards to make each others hand different. A shameless card game lacking integrity!!!! Real horse traders know that horse trading is very risky. Not a smart way to conduct the business of the people.
I would like to offer the following for definitions;
Horse trading
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Horse trading is, in the original sense, the buying and selling of horses, also called "Horse Dealing". Due to the great difficulties of evaluating the merits or demerits of a horse offered for sale, the selling of horses offered great opportunities for dishonesty. It was not to be expected that the sellers of horses would fail to capitalize on these opportunities; thus those who dealt in horses have always had a reputation for shady business practices.

With the decline in the standards of business ethics in the U.S. in the Gilded Age, however, the activities of horse traders came increasingly to be seen by the business class not as symptoms of the moral depravity of horse traders, but as the natural, and not necessarily wholly undesireable product of a competitive market. Thus, for example, the New York Times in an 1893 editorial criticizing a proposed law to make it illegal for a newspaper to falsely state its circulation figures, declared that "if the lying were stopped by law, the business of horse trading would come to an end, and the country taverns and groceries in the Winter season would be deprived even of the limited eventfulness which they now enjoy."[1]

Such attitudes were reflected in the early 20th century adoption of horse trading as an approbatory term for what others would deem ethically dubious business practices; it is likely the 1898 publication of Edward Noyes Westcott's David Harum -- whose title character saw all business through the lens of horse trading -- played a key role in this.

In a further development of meaning, horse trading has come to refer specifically to political vote trading, and this is now the most common sense of the term, largely displacing the older term, logrolling.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Logrolling is the trading of favors or quid pro quo, such as vote trading by legislative members to obtain passage of actions of interest to each legislative member. It is also the "cross quoting" of papers by academics in order to drive up reference counts. The Nuttall Encyclopedia describes log-rolling as "mutual praise by authors of each other's work." American frontiersman Davy Crockett was one of the first to apply the term to legislation:

The first known use of the term was by Congressman Davy Crockett, who said on the floor (of the U.S. House of Representatives) in 1835, "my people don't like me to log-roll in their business, and vote away pre-emption rights to fellows in other states that never kindle a fire on their own land."[citation needed]

The widest accepted origin is the old custom of neighbors assisting each other with the moving of logs. If two neighbors had cut a lot of timber which needed to be moved, it made more sense for them to work together to roll the logs.[1][2] In this way, it is similar to a barn-raising where a neighbor comes and helps build your barn and then you go and help build his. Here is an example of the term's original use:

"A family comes to sit in the forest," wrote an observer in 1835. "Their neighbors lay down their employments, shoulder their axes, and come in to the log-rolling. They spend the day in hard labor, and then retire, leaving the newcomers their good wishes, and an habitation.[citation needed]

Though most sources support the above etymology, another possible origin is from the sport by the same name in which two contestants try to topple each other into the water by standing on a log. Each must keep up with the other or risk taking a spill, so it appears to be cooperative.[citation needed]

January 8, 2010...addition---IMPORTANT INFORMATION!
Here is a link to the Better Business Burea website and their advice on the current Census underway. It warns you about con artist census taker imposters etc.
BBB Alerts Consumers about U.S. Census Workers: Be Cooperative, But Cautious!

January 7, 2010...addition
Senator Dodd has announced that he will not seek reelection. I have stated on this website that a good policy to follow the theme of security is to have limited terms of office to reduce the likelihood of a political position to acquire liason and connection with individuals who shamelessly look for undo influence. While a term of office may begin with what appears to be servitude for the people the extended term has the potential or even likelihood of that servitude swinging over to be in the interest of the political position and the shameless individual(s) looking for favorable influence. Fox61 had an analyst, professor or whoever comment about what Connecticut stands to lose with Senator Dodd and his years of evolved power and ability to be a runner to bring back $$$$ and access to programs to our state. I can only suspect that the power and stature had influence on this. I believe in recieving benefits based on deserving them and not because someone had the clout to grab it and direct it to me. Fox61 has responded as if they heard about the security from corruption of serving for short terms and presented their argument of Senator Dodd's power, influence and muscle that we use to reap whatever can be brought back to us from Washington. Shame on Fox61 for putting out 'bad bait'. Let's have a sense of decency and put someone new in office who will be less likely to stray into corrupt and/or corrupt-like practices. Will they take exit polls to reflect how the Senator would have done? They do it with everybody else especially 3rd parties!

January 02, 2010...addition..28th Amendment
There is a concept going around that expresses a 28th amendment to the Constitution. This amendment states;
"Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives, and Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States."
Here is the link to the Snopes website on it;
28th Amendment To the Constitution from Snopes

They make sure what happens to us out here stays out here. They orchestrate what they feel like for themselves. Clearly 2 different worlds on issues such as heath care, retirement and raises. I suspect much more. If 'We the People' keep putting them back in we only keep them on the path of power and money. Those should never be reserved for anyone. But instead shared. Third parties have been trashed in order to keep them aloof of the real world. Please become serious about drawing leadership from other than the ones that have been part and parcel to where we are and maintaining their special status of power and wealth.

December 14, 2009...addition
President Obama met with bank CEOs. It will be interesting to see what results. Our President, Commander In Chief, sends us off to war. Yes, there is some dissention and protest. As Commander In Chief I support that title going with him to the meetings with bank CEO's after the obscene bonuses and payouts to themselves. All the while some say their last goodbye(s) before going off to spend their final days in a combat zone. An ugly contrast at best!!

December 11, 2009...addition
I keep hearing the justification for CEO bonuses and pay to be able to maintain the talent and skill for that title. I would like to inject my take on the 'BIG MONEY' associated with that position; In our economics the more money connected with an activity the more likely you'll find someone to do whatever that might be. Therefore if a company needs someone to do ANYTHING & EVERYTHING' regardless of it's integrity etc. they pay BIG MONEY!! That position then becomes nothing more than a hired gun or hitman for the company. I wouldn't accept any excuse for paying what they pay as having to. I would argue them to pay a justified lower amount to be perfectly acceptable and watch better people apply for the position.

December 09, 2009...addition
Watched CSPAN and Rep. Kanjorski(D) from PA. commenting on the economy, big companies, too big companies and what to do. He also sounds to be clean in terms of any negligence on the economy. He defended Barney Frank when a caller stated Mr. Frank's role in running up our debt and the propagation of the economic woe(s). He spreads the blame around which is a preferred way to see it by our so called representation. That being said then the 2 party system is guilty and at fault. The local and state are the miimicro and maximicro government management organizations. While the Federal government is the macro government management system. Nice when they work as a team but more often they form collusion to feather their nest(s) and foster their best interest. They missed the boat on this and like it or not the 2 parties dropped the ball. Yeah, they may have even helped the big corporatios to carry the ball by blocking etc. for them. We the People need to hold them accountable. Calling into talk shows gets us nowhere. They simply use slight of mouth and deflect the deserved blame. THE VOTING BOOTH IS THE PLACE. THE ONLY PLACE TO TAKE THEM TO TASK!! Vote for another party or candidate other than Democrat or Republican. These 2 parties are so much of the same ole same ole they can't act any other way. You can expect what's coming and get it a majority of the time. Like an animal they are what they are and cannot change. More like won't change even if they could. They leave that to US to do. Where? The VOTING BOOTH!! I urge voters to open up themselves and be receptive to candidates and their parties from anywhere. You certainly can decide to be for or against ANY PARTY including the D's and R's!!!

December 07, 2009...addition
Up to this time the people who support the illegal entry of people border status gives the following merit;
If you are coming here illegally you may not enter if you have a toy with antimony in it. Otherwise we are here for you!!!!!

December 04, 2009...addition
Currently NBC and Comcast want to merge. Predictably CBS radio 880 gives it's support to it and expresses it's reasoning in hopes you will sell yourself out in like manner. Seems NBC is the content holder and Comcast is only a distributor. Comcast is a slave to NBC pricing. I can live without NBC and go with the competition instead. If we the comsumer fold we get a merged entity that will in all likeyhood make us their slave to their pricing. Shame on CBS radio for casting out bad bait!!!

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